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Welcome to Pixi & Co NZ, where every stitch is a testament to love and care

Are you ready to wrap your little one in comfort and style? Look no further! Maree, the heart and soul behind Pixi & Co NZ, has curated a stunning collection of baby clothing that's as beautiful as it is cozy.

Picture this, a delightful spectrum of fabric options and wool colours awaiting your exploration. Maree, with her expert touch and passion for perfection, will personally guide you through this magical journey of choosing the perfect ensemble for your precious bundle of joy.

At Pixi & Co NZ, we believe that every baby deserves the softest embrace and the most adorable outfits. That's why Maree has meticulously handpicked each fabric, ensuring not just quality but also an array of textures to cater to every preference. From the gentle touch of cotton to the warmth of wool, she has it all

But it doesn't stop there, Maree's dedication to excellence means that every piece in her collection is a testament to the love and care that Pixi & Co NZ puts into crafting unique, fashionable, and comfortable baby clothing.

The selection at Pixi & Co NZ is nothing short of amazing. Ensuring your little one is impeccably dressed for every moment.

Why settle for ordinary when you can choose extraordinary. Experience the joy of shopping for your baby at Pixi & Co NZ, where Maree's expertise transforms every piece into a cherished memory waiting to be created

Let Maree guide you through her exquisite fabric options, enchanting wool colours, and an unparalleled selection of baby clothing. Your journey to finding the perfect ensemble for your little one begins at Pixi & Co NZ

Where every stitch tells a story of love

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