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I am thrilled to introduce the Little Heart Babies, exclusive to Chain Of Little Hearts. 

These unique babies are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, using multiple layers of colour to achieve a lifelike appearance. My detailing includes features such as dry/scaly skin, milia, and stork bites, adding to their realism and charm.

Unlike traditional reborn dolls, my Little Heart Babies are created with a different technique, yet they share the same commitment to realism and quality. They are weighted and filled to feel like real babies, making them suitable for all ages, from young to old.

From the initial colouring, sealing with a textured effect, and weighting with fine glass beads and soft filling, to putting the baby together, dressing, and photographing, every step is done with care and precision. 

Each baby is then carefully packed for that very special box opening experience. 

I import the kits and customise each baby with many various skin details, ensuring every doll is unique.

It’s essential to clarify that my dolls are not traditional reborn dolls due to the different process they undergo. My goal is to provide these lifelike, comforting babies to anyone who desires them.

I am committed to offering this heartfelt experience to as many people as possible, and I look forward to sharing the love and comfort of Little Heart Babies with you.

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